A Message from our CEO

Paula Rader Headshot2Life without limits has been our goal for each and every person we serve at UCP of Arkansas.  I’ve had the privilege of working with the children and adults that UCP supports for almost 20 years.  I love the work we do because the people we serve remind us all of what is really important in life – and that is helping each other to have a better life – a life without limits.

UCP of Arkansas was founded by parents with the desire to make life better for individuals with disabilities. UCP remains committed to this ideal through being a customer first, values based organization which embraces our five core values which are; compassion, customer driven, committed, quality conscious and innovative.

People with disabilities face some overwhelming challenges, but with community support and caring people they can let their abilities shine.

You may notice that our website has lots of smiling children and adults. The smile is just one measure that allows us to know we are doing a good job!

We welcome you to call or come by any of our offices to find out for yourself the exciting programs and services we offer people of all ages.

Paula Rader
UCP of Arkansas CEO