Leadership Staff

Chief Executive Officer Paula Rader 501-228-3800 paula [at] ucpcark [dot] org
Chief Financial Officer Tricia Vangilder 501-224-6067 tricia [at] ucpcark [dot] org
Compliance Christie Howard 501-228-3812 Christie [at] ucpcark [dot] org
Butterfly Learning Center Director Michelle Ferguson 501-228-3830 michelle [at] ucpcark [dot] org
Director of Development
Special Events Coordinator Kristen Searls 501-906-4500 kristen [at] ucpcark [dot] org
Quality Assurance Jessica Walker 501-228-3833 jwalker [at] ucpcark [dot] org
Gone for Good Shredding Director Brian Cia 501-228-3828 brian [at] goneforgoodshredding [dot] com
Human Resource Director Melissa Boswell 501-228-3896 melissa [at] ucpcark [dot] org
Little Rock Adult Center Coordinator Jennifer Patrick 501-228-3835 Jennifer [at] ucpcark [dot] org
North Little Rock Adult Center Coordinator Amber Whittaker 501-379-2667 amber [at] ucpcark [dot] org
Nurse Administrator Jeff Roberson 501-228-3807 jeff [at] ucpcark [dot] org
Technology Administrator & Director Craig Reinhardt 501-224-6067 craig [at] ucpcark [dot] org
Community Living Director Chris Bliss 501-228-3844 chris [at] ucpcark [dot] org
Therapy Director Will Smith 501-228-3895 will [at] ucpcark [dot] org
Ultra Cartridge Products Director Ricky King 501-379-2675 ricky [at] ucpcark [dot] org
Coordinator of Behavior Supports Joe Meazle 501-339-5227 joe [at] ucpcark [dot] org
Waiver Statewide Director Rokina Gibson 501-228-3907 rokina [at] ucpcark [dot] org
Work Activity Director Annette Johnson 501-228-3816 annette [at] ucpcark [dot] org                                   

                              Listing Updated 5/28/19 by CNR