Adult Centers

United Cerebral Palsy has two adult centers that provide adult habilitation training and support in the Little Rock metro.  Adult habilitation is designed to advance the independence of adults with disabilities. Habilitation by definition is the process by which one becomes more capable.  At United Cerebral Palsy this capability is focused on self-determination and self-sufficiency. Through Adult Habilitation Services, individuals may pursue knowledge and skills which allow them to participate in community life. Socialization, health maintenance, daily living skills, communication and safety are a few of the program’s specific goals. The staff works with each individual to identify and match goals and available resources.

Many adults are eager to be gainfully employed. The staff helps these men and women prepare for employment by providing them opportunities to visit various types of work sites around their community.  The staff also teaches skills such as task completion, time and/or money management and how to use community transportation.  Whether it is employment, recreation or a living situation, UCP strives to provide the necessary training and support that will advance the independence of adults with disabilities.

In addition to daily center activities, United Cerebral Palsy adult services provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in community activities. These activities include movies, picnics, eating out, shopping, and major events such as the Arkansas State Fair and other activities in the community.  When not on an outing, the clients are busy in the classroom with arts and crafts projects, therapy, holiday parties and writing, and many other hands on activities.  UCP has job opportunities through the work activities program for manufacturing ink cartridges and create buttons.  The ultimate goal is to encourage and increase the independence of each person.

UCP has two adult centers that provide adult habilitation in the Little Rock metro:

Little Rock Adult Center North Little Rock Adult Center
10400 West 36th Street 401 Olive Street
Little Rock, AR 72204 North Little Rock, AR 72214
(501) 228-3805 (501) 379-2660