Community Living Arrangement (CLA)

The UCP Community Living Arrangement (CLA) is a 15 bed residential facility which provides twenty-four hour care.  The facility is designed to provide services to those individuals who require constant supervision and assistance.  The ultimate goal is for CLA participant to transition to the Alternative Community Services (ACS) program so they can have a place of their own.  However, a transition is based on the total needs of each individual and no resident will be transitioned out of the facility unless it is their decision or unless the needs of the individual can no longer be met by CLA.

Residents attend the day program at UCP’s Little Rock Adult Center and speech, occupational and physical therapy is available if needed. Nursing services are provided and all medical care is coordinated through the nursing staff and primary care physicians.  Staff provides instruction and assistance to aid each resident in achieving an increased level of independence. Family members and/or advocates are considered part of the treatment team and are integral to the development of the resident’s plan of care.  The CLA program is monitored and licensed annually by the Arkansas Office of Long Term Care.


The Community Living Arrangement (CLA) is located at 8800 LaBette Drive in Little Rock.