Therapy Services

Therapeutic Services

Therapy is provided as an on-site program for children and adults to maximize each individual’s highest potential.  Evaluations are conducted with the referral from a primary physician and individualized plans are developed to address specific client needs.  Occupation, physical and speech language therapists are licensed and highly trained to provide one on one services to qualifying individuals and their families.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) assists people to function as effectively as possible in their everyday environments.  The therapists work to improve sensory integration, fine and visual motor development, social interaction and self-help deficits that could affect learning and daily independent living skills.  They are also skilled in hand splinting and Snoezelen Treatment Approach.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) treats individuals with motor, neuromuscular and vestibular delays.  The therapists provide treatment involving neuro-development therapy, e-stim and muscle reeducation, coordination/balance training, play-based therapeutic exercise, functional movement activities and gait training.  They also assist in obtaining orthotic casting and adaptive equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, positioning systems, seats, etc.).  The therapists are educated on Botox injections and Baclofen pump protocols.


Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language Pathology (SPL) works to improve a person’s ability to communicate in their environment.  Therapy addresses improvement of speech sound production, reading, aural rehabilitation, understanding and expressing language to communicate and learn, and oral motor strategies to improve swallowing/feeding deficits.  The SLP also evaluates and trains clients to use alternative communication systems if needed.

Therapeutic service offices are located at 9720 N. Rodney Parham in Little Rock.