What is the Family Support Fund?

The Family Support Fund is a collection of unrestricted funds available to people living in Northwest Arkansas who need help with funding adaptive equipment, medical bills, and other necessary expenses.

What does the Family Support Fund cover?

The Family Support Fund covers any unmet need for residents of Northwest Arkansas living with disabilities up to $3,000. The funds may be paired with other funds such as Medicaid, TEFRA, and Waiver. Funding coverage includes, but is not limited to: AFOs, home and vehicle modifications, relevant travel expenses, durable medical equipment (wheelchairs, etc.), and communication devices.

Where does the Family Support Fund come from?

United Cerebral Palsy of Arkansas is a collection of essential programs that help individuals with disabilities while also supporting their families and their communities. Our Northwest Arkansas Council advocates and raises funds for Northwest Arkansas residents living with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

To apply for funding, please send an email with the following:

• Subject: “Family Support Fund”
• Name
• Address
• Details of what you are requesting funding for (type of equipment, bills, travel, etc.)
• How much funding you are asking for

Send fund requests to: or call (501) 906-4513 for more information.

*Full application is required to complete request. Application will be sent via email upon receiving request via email listed above. Email of application and submission of application is not guarantee or promise of funding.

The Northwest Arkansas Council functions as the NWA arm of United Cerebral Palsy of Arkansas- advocating, fundraising, and changing lives in northwest Arkansas and surrounding areas.