LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS is our goal for every person we serve and has been since our beginning over 50 years ago!

UCP of Arkansas was created in 1957 by families which had children with cerebral palsy, and although we have grown
to be one of the largest service providers in Arkansas, we continue to refer to our employees, parents, individuals we serve,
and volunteers as family. Through advocacy and the provision of direct services and supports UCP continues to meet its mission
of advancing the independence, productivity and full citizenship for people with disabilities.

Welcome to United Cerebral Palsy of Arkansas!


American with Disabilities Act Celebrates 25 Years


The Americans with Disabilities Act is now 25 years old! This milestone legislation has opened the doors for   people with disabilities but there is still much more to accomplish. Across our great nation there are huge waiting lists comprised of people with disabilities in need of community-based supports. People with disabilities are also   fighting to keep services that are now being threatened by Medicaid budget cuts and more and more funds are being appropriated to manage money rather than provide needed services. The United States lags way behind other industrialized nations in recognizing the value of preventative medicine and interventions and it is none more evident than the funding model for services for people with disabilities. So please take time to celebrate ADA 25 and its accomplishments, and lets dedicate ourselves to making the next 25 years even more successful in improving the lives of people with disabilities.



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