Adult Services

Adult Habilitation provides day training focused on assisting individuals with self-determination and self-sufficiency. Individuals learn knowledge and skills that will help them to participate in community life.

Case Management assists eligible recipients in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational and other services.  Following a comprehensive assessment, appropriate services are determined by the individual or family

Alternative Community Services are designed to support and assist individuals in acquiring, retaining and improving the skills and abilities necessary to live successfully in home and community based settings.  UCP believes that everyone has the right to be an active and accepted member of their own community.

Therapy Services are available on-site to all children and adults who qualify.  A team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists provide direct one on one therapy with the most appropriate and up-to-date therapeutic techniques to foster independence and quality of life.

Community Living Arrangement (CLA) is available for individuals who qualify for an intermediate level of care, where they can live in a smaller home-like setting. UCP provides training in areas such as self-care, daily living skills, money management, and community safety/survival skills. Individuals also benefit from recreational and leisure activities with the facility staff.

Work Activity is a facility-based service offered through UCP employment services. The service is designed to teach universal work skills to men and women with disabilities and facilitate future employment. Training is conducted in four areas: bulk mailing, hand assembly, buttons, and toner cartridge re-manufacturing.

Supported Employment is a community based service offered through UCP employment services in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services. This service is designed to allow individuals with disabilities to be gainfully employed in the community. Through job placement and the help of a provided job coach, the individual will learn to be a productive and active member of both in the community and in society.